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YaoiDoujins.com is a new website for yaoi doujins (go figure).
It's still in development so it won't have all the features or a lot of content.
But please check it out and provide feedback through the link in the top menu. (more info)


 @Ferbit Blue_Exorcist Furry R-18,bakemono,furry,shota,shotacon,minors,gay,熊徹,バケモノの子 bakemono ko  3 @AnonAnim Furry Log R-18,ショタ,無修正,shota Tails sonic ショタ  @Fairwind Alley Furry In R-18,ソニック,シャドウ,ケモノ,ケモショタ,あ〜❤ The back love sonic tagme  + @Fairwind Furry Klonoa! R-18,漫画,ケモノ,ケモショタ,テイルス,クロノア,ケモチン Tails  @Fairwind Furry Revy's catboy~ 漫画,ケモノ,ケモショタ  @Aosuka Furry Griffon's R-18,Original,薔薇,yaoi,griffon,qunari weapon  69 @Aosuka Furry R-18,furry,ケモノ style  @Aosuka Furry It R-18,Original,spanking hurt looks Furry Gamakichi Kyuubi Naruto Naruto_Uzumaki blitzdrachin Crash_Bandicoot Crash_Bandicoot_(series) Furry jerseydevil Animated Furry Shota Yaoi gif Furry Kurama Kyuubi Matatabi Naruto blitzdrachin niibi Furry Kurama Kyuubi Matatabi Naruto blitzdrachin @Beater Furry Shota fuutailkun ショタ ブリーフ 漫画 白ブリーフ  @Beater Furry Little pirate redkun Furry Yaoi tagme Arcanine Furry Nate Pokemon lucario Furry Kurama Kyuubi Naruto reclamon 12 12tail @Beater Fairy_Tail Furry Shota kemo wolfkun ショタコン @Cybershota Furry Tookit's kat Furry Furry Pikachu Pokemon Raichu Furry Yaoi hard_blush Furry Pikachu Pokemon insomniacovrlrd
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